Dinner Menu

Pane All’ Aglio -- IDR 35k
Garlic Bread

Anelli Di Calamari -- IDR 100k
Squid Rings fried to a golden crisps with homemade tartar sauce

Parmigiana Di Melanzane -- IDR 65k
Baked aubergines with tomato and basil sauce

Bruschetta Di Formaggio -- IDR 50k
Brie, Bocconcini with walnuts, sundried tomatoes on french bread

Bruschetta Al Crudo -- IDR 50k
Garlic-rubbed french bread with creamy bocconcini and prosciutto di parma

Bruschetta Pomodoro -- IDR 40k
Garlic-rubbed French bread with mixed tomatoes

Carpaccio Di Tonno -- IDR 85k

Sashimi grade Tuna with olives, capers, avocados and arugula

Carpaccio Di Manzo -- IDR 100k
Beef tenderloin, aged parmesan and arugula

Carpaccio Di Salmone -- IDR 85k
Sashimi grade Salmon with beetroots, capers and baby cherry tomatoes

Fritto Misto -- IDR 150k
Selection of fresh seafood fried to golden crisps

Antipasto Italiano -- IDR 120k
Bresaola, Prosciutto, Salami with gnocco fritto and mixed pickles

Selezione Di Formaggi -- IDR 150k
Selection of mixed cheese platter

Caprese -- IDR 65k
Tomatoes, creamy boccocini, basil and pesto sauce

Greca -- IDR 65k
Greek salad with feta cheese, cucumbers, mesclun salad, red onions and baby cherry tomatoes

Tonno -- IDR 75k
Mesclun salad with baby potatoes, french beans and olives, topped with a grilled tuna cooked to a medium pink

Frutti Di Mare -- IDR 95k Mixed seafood with fresh seasonal fruits

Gorgonzola -- IDR 95k
Blue cheese salad with toasted walnuts, arugula and sliced pear

Cesare -- IDR 75k
Romaine lettuce with homemade caesar dressing, bacon, grilled chicken and a poached egg

Zuppa di Pesce -- IDR 90k
mixed seasonal seafood soup in a light tomato broth

Crema Di Carote e Zucca -- IDR 65k
Carrot and pumpkin soup

Crema Di Funghi -- IDR 65k
Creamy mushroom soup with a hint of truffle oil

Passione Italiana

Spaghetti Bolognese -- IDR 85k
Classic beef ragu sauce finished with aged parmesan and herby breadcrumbs

Penne Al Pesto -- IDR 85k
Basil Pesto, toasted pine nuts, baby cherry tomatoes tossed with Penne Pasta

Spaghetti Carbonara -- IDR 85k
Spaghetti tossed in a cream sauce with crispy bacon and aged parmesan

Spaghetti Vongole -- IDR 95k
Fresh Clams cooked in a white wine sauce with spaghetti pasta

Fettucine Nero -- IDR 120k
Mixed seasonal seafood tossed with our homemade Squid ink pasta

Ravioli Agli Spinaci -- IDR 95k
Spinach and ricotta stuffed ravioli in a butter sage sauce

Lasagna Bolognese -- IDR 105k
Layered pasta with beef ragu, bechamel sauce, tomato sauce and fresh basil

Linguine Mari e Monti -- IDR 120k
Prawns, mixed forest mushrooms and capers in a creamy white wine sauce

Linguine Alfredo -- IDR 120k
Tender duck breasts cooked in a creamy duck glaze sauce

Cappellini Al Salmone -- IDR 120k
Smoked salmon cooked in a white wine and butter sauce, finished with black caviar and asparagus

Tortellini Di Carne -- IDR 120k
Beef and ricotta stuffed tortellini with smoked ham and green peas in a cream sauce

Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola -- IDR 120k
Homemade potato gnocchi in a creamy gorgonzola sauce with walnuts and arugula

Fettucine Boscaiola -- IDR 85k
Ham, green peas, mixed forest mushrooms and cherry tomatoes cooked in a tomato sauce with homemade fettucine

Spaghetti Aragosta -- IDR 235k
Tomato and basil sauce with half lobster and sweet baby cherry tomatoes

Risotto Ai Funghi -- IDR 105k
Italian rice with mixed forest mushrooms and a hint of truffle oil

Risotto Frutti Di Mare -- IDR 125k
Fresh Seasonal Seafood with saffron Italian rice


Un Classico Italiano

Margherita -- IDR 75k
Tomato based pizza with fresh basil

Bella Napoli -- IDR 75k
Tomato based, anchovies, capers and black olives

Quattro Stagioni -- IDR 85k
tomato based, Smoked ham, mushrooms, artichokes and black olives

Funghetti -- IDR 85k
Bechamel based with wild forest mushrooms and caramelized onions

Pizza Al Pollo -- IDR 95k
Tomato based with grilled chicken, capers, olives, beef tomatoes and oregano

Frutti Di Mare -- IDR 120k
tomato based with fresh seasonal seafood

Pizza Al Crudo -- IDR 105k
Tomato based with cured prosciutto ham and wild rocket

Quattro Formaggi -- IDR 140k
Bechamel based, bocconcini, aged parmesan, gorgonzola and shredded mozzarella

Vulcano -- IDR 140k
stuffed with beef ragu and wild forest mushrooms, set on flames with local liquor

Parmigiana Di Pollo -- IDR 150k Crispy chicken covered in tomato sauce,mozzarella cheese with coleslaw and french fries

Scalloppine Di Pollo -- IDR 150k
Grilled chicken with mash potatoes in a creamy mushroom sauce

Scalloppine Di Manzo -- IDR 175k
Beef steak in a simple marsala wine sauce with mashed potatoes

Austalian Burger -- IDR 125k
Wagyu beef patty with sunny side up egg, bacon, caramelized onions, mayo and pickled gherkins

Devil’s Burger -- IDR 125k
Black burger with hot sauce, onion rings, jalapenos, caramelized onions and wagyu beef patty

Costine di Agnello -- IDR 245k
Lamb cutlets with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables with mint and chili dressing

Filetto Al Radicchio -- IDR 225k
Angus Tenderloin with baby potatoes, radicchio and rocket salad

Controfiletto Wagyu -- IDR 225k
Beef sirloin steak served with black pepper sauce and mash potatoes

Costine di Maiale -- IDR 175k
BBQ pork ribs with coleslaw and french fries

Fiorentina -- IDR 325k
T-bone steak served with mushroom sauce, buttered baby potatoes and grilled vegetables

Filetto Wagyu -- IDR 550k
Wagyu Grade MBS 6 beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce, buttered baby potatoes and grilled vegetables

Gamberoni Alla Griglia -- IDR 250k
Grilled Prawns with mango salsa and soft polenta

Filetto di Barramundi -- IDR 175k
Barramundi fillet with herb crusts served with cauliflower puree and mesclun salad

Trancio Di Salmone -- IDR 175k
Baked Salmon with mashed potatoes and asparagus

Grigliata Mista Di Pesce -- IDR 550k
Seafood platter with whole lobster, prawns, grilled squid, grilled vegetables and baby potatoes

Calamari Alla Griglia -- IDR 155k
Pesto grilled squids on top of soft polenta

Costata Di Tonno -- IDR 155k
Grilled Tuna with buttered baby potatoes, grilled vegetables and eggplant

Trancio Di Orata -- IDR 155k
Steam-baked butterfish with white wine and butter sauce