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Cucumber Martini70ml Vodka infused Cucumber, 5ml Vermouth dry Lime, Fresh dill & cucumber
Dry Martini Vodka70ml Vodka, 5ml Vermouth dry Lime, 1 Green Olive
Dry Martini Gin70ml Gin, 5ml Vermouth dry Lime, 1 Green Olive
Mai Tai30ml White Rum, 30ml Dark Rum, 15ml dry Orange liqueur, Almond syrup, Lime juice, and Pineapple juice
Singapore Sling45ml Gin, 15ml Benedectine, 15ml Cherry Brandy, Fresh pineapple, Lime juice, Angostura bitter
Old Fashion60ml Bourbon Whisky, Angostura bitter, Brown sugar, Orange
Rusty Nail - 30ml Scotch Whisky, 30ml Drambuie
Whisky Sour - 30ml Scotch Whisky, Lemon juice, Sugar bitter, Egg white
Brandy Alexander - 30ml Brandy, 45ml Cacao white liqueur, and Cream
Pina Colada - 75ml White Rum, 13ml Coconut syrup, Coconut ice cream, and Pineapple juice
Toblerone - 30ml Baileys, 15ml Frangelico, 15ml Kahlua, 15ml Amaretto, and Cream
Manhattan - 60ml Bourbon Whisky, 15ml Vermouth Red, Angostura bitter
Bloody Mary - 60ml Vodka, 120ml Tomato juice, Salt, Pepper, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco
Cosmopolitan - 45ml Vodka, 30ml Dry orange liqueur, Cranberry juice
Cuba Libre - 75ml Dark Rum, Coke, and Lime juice
Grasshoper - 45ml White cacao liqueur, 45ml Green menthe liqueur, and Cream
Long Island Iced Tea - 15ml Vodka, 15ml Rum, 15ml Gin, 15ml Tequila, 15ml Orange liqueur, lemon juice, topped with Coke
Sex on The Beach - 45ml Vodka, 30ml Peach liqueur, Orange juice, Cranberry juice
Tequila Sunrise - 75ml Tequila, Orange juice, Grenadine
B52 - 30ml Kahlua, 30ml Baileys, 30ml Grand Marnier
White Russian - 45ml Vodka, 30ml Kahlua, and Cream
Cherry Bitter Manhattan - 60ml Bourbon Whisky, 15ml Cherry liqueur, Angostura, Amarena Italian Cherries