All Day Dinning


All Day Dinning Menu

Fried Squid Rings -- IDR 105k
Fried squid rings with chef’s tartar sauce

Tomato Balsamic -- IDR 85k
Fresh tomato with balsamic vinegar

Crema Di Funghi -- IDR 75k
Creamy mushroom soup with crouton, cream


Linguine Mari E Monti -- IDR 165k Prawns, mixed forest mushroom and capers in a creamy white wine sauce

Bolognese Spaghetti -- IDR 130k
Classic minced beef and tomatoes sauce, spaghetti, oregano and herbal seasoning

Tripled Decker Club Sandwich -- IDR 99k
Grilled chicken supreme, fried egg, mayo, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce and cheese served with fries

Grrilled Baramundi @200gr -- IDR 140k
Served with grilled vegetables, mashed potato and garlic butter sauce


Soto Ayam -- IDR 160k
Chicken yellow broth with grilled chicken, boiled egg, vermicelli, celery, fried shallot, tomato, leek, served with steamed rice, crackers and sambal

Balinese Ayam Betutu -- IDR 180k
Balinese style roasted chicken, urab sayur served with steamed rice and sambal

Nasi Goreng -- IDR 140k
Indonesian fried rice with chicken and vegetables, boiled egg, chicken satay, fried chicken, shrimp, crackers, pickles and sambal

Sumatran Beef Rendang -- IDR 190k
Slow cooked beef with red spice, coconut milk, cassava leaf, steamed rice and green sambal


Pizza Margeritha -- IDR 100k
Tomato sauce, tomato slice round, olive, oregano, mozarella, basil

Pizza Al Pollo -- IDR 100k
Tomato based with grilled chicken, capers, olive, tomatoes and mozarella

Pizza Frutti Di Mare -- IDR 120k
Tomato sauce, squid, shrimps, baramundi, mozarella

Cotto E Funghi -- IDR 120k
Tomato sauce, ham, mushroom, parmesan, mozarella

Pizza Romano -- IDR 120k
Tomato sauce, onion, mushroom, basil, parmesan, mozarella

White Rice -- IDR 20k
French Fries -- IDR 40k
Homemade Mashed Potatoes -- IDR 50k
Green Salad -- IDR 50k

Dadar Gulung -- IDR 85k
Fabulous famous traditional Indonesian rolled crepes with unti and ice cream

Pisang Goreng -- IDR 85k
Indonesian dessert, deep fried battered banana serve with chocolate sauce and ice cream